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CST Proficiency Charting

These charts illustrate the English-language arts (ELA) performance of all students and students with disabilities in California based on their test scores on the English-Language Arts (ELA) California Standards Test (CST).

Find CST ELA Proficiency Charting files from previous years in our Archive.

CST Proficiency Charting Tool

The following Excel files can be downloaded and used to generate CST proficiency charts for the test scores of students in your school or district. State level ELA scores have been entered into the files. You will need to enter the data from your school or district. You can obtain the data from the CDE web site,, which will direct you to the most recent STAR results. It may be useful to generate charts for multiple years to draw comparisons."

The link for that grant objectives note is this:, "SPDG Program Objectives and Performance Measures."

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for links to a series of brief movies showing how to use these Excels files to create charts. These Excel files require macros to be enabled in order to function, and some versions of MS Office (Office 2008 for Macs) won't be able to run them for this reason. Contact Alan Wood at (707) 287-0054 or if you have questions.

Download the Excel Charting tool:

CST Trending Program

The new CST Trending Program is a modified version of the Charting Program which allows you to graph the CST scores of a single population over six years. This straight-forward tool offers new charting and trend-comparison tools.

CST Charting Program Instructional Movies

Click on the links to see a series of brief movies showing how to read the chart and how to make the chart. If you have any feedback or questions please email

It is recommended that you have a high-speed internet conncetion, as these movie files are large. If you are on a slow dial-up internet connection and would like to be sent these movies and the Excel files on a CD-ROM, contact Alan Wood at 707-287-0054 or

If you have trouble viewing these movies, make sure Macromedia's Flash Player is installed on your computer. You can download the free Flash Player Flash Logo

CST ELA Proficiency Charting Archive

This page collects CST ELA Proficiency Charting charts and programs from earlier years.

Archived CST English-language Arts Charts

Archived CST Proficiency Charting Tools


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