Module Two | Reinforcement and Total Classroom Management Strategies

Pre-Test | Reinforcement and Total Classroom Management Strategies

Check ONLY the statements which are TRUE. When finished click the “Score This Test” button at the bottom of the page. Be sure to note your score so you can measure your improvement.


If I deliver praise for each student’s progress, it will help motivate all of my students.


I will use chocolate candy as a reinforcer for Mary doing her assignment because I have seen it work so well to motivate Sue doing her assignment.


Jose frequently blurts out answers. The teacher notices that he frequently seeks her attention, and that she sometimes has provided it following his blurting out. Thus, she decides to withhold all of her attention to his blurting out and to give him immediate attention for his hand-raising in order to reduce blurting out and increase hand-raising.


Reinforcement and reinforcer mean the same.


Praise would be considered an activity reinforcer.


It is unprofessional to treat students the same.


Reinforcement is NOT a form of bribery.


To use reinforcement effectively, do not use it frequently when first trying to increase the occurrence of a new or weak skill.


Plan to cut back on reinforcer delivery once the behavior begins to occur regularly.



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