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Learning to Use TED

Here is everything you need to know about using TED, our complete hour and a half in-depth training, broken down into bite-sized movies, so you can learn at your own pace.

Learning to use TED is so easy, that just by watching and doing, you will be using TED like a pro in a couple of hours!

We recommend you pause each movie as you go along, and try out that feature in TED, to get real hands-on experience. (If TED has arrived. If not, just go ahead and watch the movies and you'll be ready to go when he does show up!)

The first and most important step in learning to use TED is to be sure you have watched the two movies and completed the worksheet on the Preparing for TED page. EVERYONE should watch these two movies. This will:

  1. give you an overview of how TED works, and
  2. prepare you to set up the funding sources, topics and roles that are the foundation of making TED really work for your organization. You need to do this before you start using TED 

Then, come back here and watch these movies for the deeper learning around each feature. The movies do build on each other; so watching them in order is ideal. But, you can also jump to the movie on whatever feature you want.

If you are an Administrator, we suggest that you watch the Reports movies to see the variety of reports available to you.

Select a movie name below to watch the movie.





Administrative Menus

Setting up to Use TED

Transcripts of the movies are coming soon.

TED was created by CalSTAT's State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) Evaluation Team on behalf of the California Department of Education (CDE) — Special Education Division.

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