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California Technical Assistance and Training


Introducing TED

TED is provided for FREE to California educational organizations that host professional development training.

TED can be used with Windows and Macs, as either a single or multiple-user program to fit the needs of any office. Sites using TED will need to obtain the Filemaker software in which TED operates.

To learn more about TED, watch this movie:

Introducing TED


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Check out some of TED's amazing features:

Just a few of the many capabilities that have been incorporated into this user-friendly program include:

The following are several screen shots that show the interface of the program.

For each event that you enter into TED, you can track the registered participants, the presenters, the evaluations completed at the end of an event, and the topics presented at the training by choosing the tabs that function like file folders.


TED's Participants view; showcases intuitive layout, easily-navigable views, and integrated data-entry format. Register an event's participants from a database of all participants entered, allowing individuals to be tracked.

In the Participants tab easily search through your database of participants and add people to your roster of registered participants. From here you can print out event rosters, nametags, mailing labels, certificates of completion, and email lists. You can also track the additional needs of participants, such as the need for wheelchair access or a sign-language interpreter.


TED's Presenters view, which is similar to the participants view. Database of presenters allows individuals to be tracked.

In the Presenters tab easily search through your database of presenters and assign them to events. From here you can go into the Presenter Database and edit their information, track the events at which they were a trainer, and monitor the ratings they receive on evaluations.


TED's Evaluations view. Stores survey responses including participant role, 4 quantitative (scaled) questions, and comments.

In the Evaluations tab you can print an evaluation form for copying prior to the training, easily enter the event evaluations collected at the end of your training, and view the total number of evaluations that were completed.


TED's Reports view. Image-rich menu creates tables and graphs suiting a number of leads.

In the Reports tab easily view and print pre-programmed reports summarizing event details, attendance, and ratings from event evaluations. From here you can choose to view and print a report on a single event, on multiple events of your choice, or summary reports on the participants from a specified organization such as a district or school.

one report format, featuring stimulating charts and vivid color.

This is an example report for a single event. Included in the report are the event’s details, attendance, summarized ratings from the event evaluations, a pie chart showing the distribution of roles in attendance, a bar chart showing the distribution of the participant responses to the event evaluations, and a line chart showing the average responses to the event evaluations.

report format, featuring orderly tables and concise information-delivery.

This is an example report listing events by the primary topic presented at the trainings. This report is a summary of the trainings provided, the date they occurred, the presenter, the overall rating, and the breakdown of participant roles represented at the training.


Learn How to Adopt TED into your Organization.

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