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California Technical Assistance and Training


Setting Up TED

There are three main phases to getting TED up and running:

Purchasing Filemaker

TED operates in FileMaker Pro 11, and can be accessed on either Mac or Windows computers. FileMaker Pro is a desktop application that is relatively inexpensive, and can be purchased with an educational discount.

You choose whether TED will run on a Single Computer, a Server, or a Network at your site. Here’s how it works.

Currently Filemaker 12 has come out, but we are using Filemaker 11 for TED, so you will need to purchase Filemaker 12 plus an inexpensive downgrade license to get Filemaker 11.

You may want to contact Eric Williams at CDW (866-339-7929), who is one of the educational sales reps. If he is not your district's/organization’s CDW representative, he can pass you along to the right person.

CDW has provided a general quote (below) at the educational prices, so you can have an idea of what you'll need to order and budget for the software. But, your sales rep can determine whether additional discounts might apply due to other Filemaker licenses already purchased by your district or site.

There are a few things to be aware of:

If you are going the Server route, you will want to purchase (1) Filemaker Server v12 at $599 plus a v11 downgrade at $6.76.

You will need to purchase Filemaker Pro 12 for each computer workstation on which you’ll be using TED. The price is about $179 each. If purchasing 5 or more there will be a bulk discount. Choose the outright purchase option, not an annual subscription.

You will also need to purchase (1) Filemaker Pro v 11 downgrade for $6.76 (only 1, not for each workstation).

You can purchase Filemaker from other sources, just be sure to ask for the educational discount. The information above is simply provided to help you to be clear on what you’ll need to purchase.

We hope this provides what you need for creating your purchase order and obtaining Filemaker!


Installing Filemaker and TED

For technical details on installing TED on a single workstation, network, or server, consult the TED Installation Guide

TED Installation Guide.pdf Adobe PDF (520kb) | HTML

Access to the TED installation .exe file will be provided once the MOU and Agreements have been signed and and are in place between CalSTAT and the new TED site.

Contact Craig Miller for questions or support around server set-up and for the installation of TED.


Main TED User

If you’re the main TED user, watch this View Edit Profile movie to see what steps to take when you first set up TED at your site.

In order to complete the TED set-up you'll need to have the completed 3 Things to Do Before TED Arrives: TED Funding Sources, Topics, and Roles Worksheet handy. You can find it and two related movies on the Preparing for TED page.


Contact for any other questions.


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