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California Technical Assistance and Training


Technical Assistance (TA)

For the past 15 years, CalSTAT has utilized federally allocated grant funds to support training and technical assistance to the field of education. Through collaborative efforts, CalSTAT brings evidence-based training to schools, families, and organizations. Hundreds of technical assistance training days have been delivered to 1600 school sites in 56 of California's 58 counties to approximately 45,000 participants to date.

Please note that effective fiscal year 2016-17 the California Department of Education, Special Education Division has revamped the TA process. The California Department of Education (CDE) is no longer accepting requests from the field, instead they are providing California LEAs (offices of education, districts, and charter schools) with targeted TA by invitation to apply based on 2016 CAASPP numbers. Those qualifying LEAs will be contacted by CalSTAT via e-mail and offered the opportunity to receive the funds. If you have any questions about the new TA application process, please contact:

Giselle Blong
Project Coordinator